Tailored Vs Off-the-Rack

There is nothing that can make you feel more yourself than tailored clothing.

The difference between these two options, tailored and off-the-rack is vast.
The first covers by far all the requirements and needs of a client.
Starting with a perfect fit to the morphology of this.
Harmony of the measures, selection of buttons, linings, thread combinations, different shoulder pads, etc.
If I had to make a comparison, I could say that wearing ready-made garments is like wearing other people’s clothes.
In off the rack, you should always accommodate the garments.
It can be so frustrating! With material left over here, and missing material here. I would say that it is like falling into a bag.
Custom-made garments only … dazzle, captivate, stand out and attract attention
They are made just for you, you are their owner.
The next time you see a jacket or a suit that appeals to you, because of its elegance and its perfect fit to the person, ask its wearer where it is from. Surely, what you will see will be the name of the person written in the form of a MONOGRAM.